California Permanency for Youth Taskforce

The CPYP Task Force is a statewide group with broad representation, including public and private organizations, youth and funders.

Task Force objectives are:
   1.To facilitate collaborations between public and private agencies to achieve permanent lifelong connections for youth in the system

   2.To create opportunities for key stakeholders (who affect outcomes for youth in the system):

        a) To realize the need for permanent lifelong connections for youth

        b) To understand that it is possible to achieve these connections

   3.To identify and overcome structural barriers (within the system affecting youth) that prevent youth from achieving permanent lifelong connections

   4.To promote public relations, education and advocacy efforts that will address the needs of youth for permanent lifelong connections.

As of July 2007, the Task Force has been restructured to accommodate the growth and interest in youth permanency. The key changes to the structure and design of the Permanency for Youth Task Force are:

   •The Task Force was transformed from a hundred or so interested members who attended intermittently into two committees, each having twenty consistently attending members with interest and expertise in the areas of practice and policy.

   •The Practice Committee will be made up primarily of those who are performing or overseeing the work at the local county level and those who have day-to-day contact with the implementation..

   •The Policy Committee will focus on legislation and policy development and implementation. The role of this group will be to advise and impact policy makers, and provide education on a broad base to facilitate needed changes to promote permanency statewide for all foster youth.

   •The National Governors Association (NGA) permanency workgroup, which was working on many of the same issues as the Youth Permanency Task Force, was absorbed and incorporated into the Youth Permanency Task Force.

Policy Committee
Chair: Gail Johnson Vaughan, Mission Focused Solutions
Robin Allen, California CASA Association
Carol Biddle, Kinship Center
Chris Bock, Foster/Adoptive Parent
Nenita Dean, Stanislaus County Community Services Agency, Child & Family Services
Rick Fowler, Community College Foundation
Amy Freeman, Stuart Foundation
Karen Grace-Kaho, California Dept. of Social Services, Office of Foster Care
Karen Gunderson, California Dept. of Social Services Permanence Policy Bureau
Sophia Isom, San Francisco County Dept. of Human Services
Jill Jacobs, Family Builders
Chantel Johnson, California Youth Connection
Fredi Juni, Alameda County Social Services Agency
Susanna Kniffen, Casey Family Programs
Jude Koski, California Youth Connection
Phil Ladew, California CASA Association
Robin Luckett, Alameda County Dept. of Social Services
Michael Nash, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles
Ginger Pierce, Monterey County Dept. of Social & Employment Services
Jennifer Rodriguez, Youth Law Center
Erin Saberi, Casey Family Programs
Carroll Schroeder, California Alliance of Child & Family Services
Emily Villas, California Youth Connection
Diane Wagner, Los Angeles County Dept. of Children and Family Services
Julia Waters, California Youth Connection


Practice Committee
Acting Chair: Robert Friend, California Permanency for Youth Project
James Anderson, California Connected by 25 Initiative
Cyndee Borges-O'Dell, Co-Investment Partnership
Melissa Driscoll, Rebekah Children's Services
Kristie Esquivel, Kern County Dept. of Human Services
Maryam Fatemi, Los Angeles County
Rosalio Garcia, Fresno County Dept. of Children and Family Services
Denise Gil-Perez, California Youth Connection
Joanna Hunt, Kern County
Kat Lauterback, San Luis Obispo County Dept. of Social Services
Jean Little, Stanislaus County Community Services Agency, Child and Family Services
Angela Look, Kern County
Crystal Luffberry, Co-Investment Partnership
Jessica Macias, Kern County
Bob Malmberg, Orange County Social Services Agency, Children and Family Services
Nancy McDonald, Family Builders
Jon Pettigrew, Alameda County
Shalinda Roan, San Mateo County
Veronica Salmeron, Fresno County Dept. of Children and Family Services

Task Force Minutes
August 6, 2009 meeting (pdf)
April 30, 2009 meeting (pdf)
January 15, 2009 meeting (pdf)
October 30, 2008 meeting (pdf)
July 31, 2008 meeting (pdf)
April 17, 2008 meeting (pdf)
January 16, 2008 meeting (pdf)



An important part of permanency work is peer support, both within and outside an agency. To provide assistance in this area, CPYP organized multi-county meetings in three California regions:

•Northern California (Alameda, Contra Costa, Glenn, Humboldt, Lake, Monterey, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano, Sonoma, and Stanislaus Counties)
•Central California (Fresno, Kern, Madera, and San Luis Obispo Counties)
•Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties)

At these meetings, workers discuss practice, policy, and training issues, and share successes, lessons learned, and challenges faced. This venue is proving to be valuable resource for attendees to learn how other counties are proceeding, for assessing a county's own progress, and for keeping counties motivated.

Northern California Meeting Minutes
April 29, 2009 (pdf)
January 28, 2009 (pdf)
October 22, 2008 (pdf)
March 19, 2008 (pdf)
November 7, 2007 (pdf)
June 16, 2007 (pdf)

Central California Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2009 (pdf)
January 20, 2009 (pdf)
July 17, 2007 (pdf)
April 10, 2007 (pdf)
July 25, 2006 (pdf)
April 25, 2006 (pdf)
February 6, 2006 (pdf)

Southern California Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2009 (pdf)
October 30, 2008 (pdf)
April 23, 2008 (pdf)
January 23, 2008 (pdf)
April 24, 2007 (pdf)
January 25, 2007 (pdf)

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