CPYP Evaluations

CPYP 2010 Project Evaluation

A pilot program for the California Permanency for Youth Project (CPYP) was implemented by Children and Family Services in early 2008. The pilot program ended and was evaluated in December 2009. The evaluation, conducted by the Legislation and Research Unit (LRU) and Quality Support Services (QSS), utilized case reviews and administrative data from CWS/CMS. In addition, social workers were interviewed when necessary. The evaluation compared 48 high-need youth (11 to 18 years of age) in the CPYP pilot with 48 similar youth who did not receive CPYP services (the comparison group).

2010 CPYP Evaluation Report (pdf)

San Bernardino County’s California Permanency for Youth Project Evaluation (pdf)


CPYP 2008 Project Evaluation

CPYP began permanency work with four pilot California counties (Alameda, Monterey, San Mateo, and Stanislaus) in January 2003. After refining the project based upon lessons learned in these four counties, in early 2006 CPYP began working with ten new counties: Contra Costa, Fresno, Humboldt, Kern, Los Angeles (Metro North Region), Orange, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, and Sonoma (the "project counties"). The information included in this report pertains to the permanency work with these ten project counties throughout 2006, 2007, and early 2008.

2008 CPYP Evaluation Report (pdf)


Emancipated Youth Connections Project Final Report/Toolkit (2007)

This report presents findings and recommendations from the Emancipated Youth Connections Project, a model program designed to seek and sustain permanent lifelong connections for older youth who have already emancipated from foster care without a permanent connection to a caring adult. See "Part 3: Project Results" for project evaluation.

EYCP Final Report/Toolkit (pdf)


CPYP 2006 Project Evaluation

This report describes CPYP's permanency work with several California county child welfare departments. It contains final outcomes for four pilot counties (Alameda, Monterey, San Mateo and Stanislaus) and a progress report on the ten counties that commenced the implementation of the project during the second half of 2005 (Contra Costa, Fresno, Humboldt, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo and Sonoma).

2006 CPYP Evaluation Report (pdf)


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