CPYP Organizational Development Guide

Agencies and Resource Persons

AdoptUsKids, a collaboration supported through a cooperative agreement between The Children's Bureau, Administration for Children & Families, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and the Adoption Exchange Association.

California CASA Association

California Kids Connection, an online, searchable database listing children in California who are available for adoption. California Kids Connection is coordinated by Family Builders by Adoption, Inc., which is under contract to the California Department of Social Services to provide this service.

Five Acres, The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of Los Angeles County

Cheryl Jacobson, Consultant, California Permanency for Youth Project

Web-Based Resources

Alameda County

A Guide to Permanency Options for Youth (2005) (pdf)

Group Home StepUp Project: Moving Up and Out of Congregate Care (pdf)

Placement Protocol on County Staff Fostering and Adopting Alameda County Dependent Children (pdf)

Bay Area Academy

Bob Lewis and Sue Badeau, adapted by Bay Area Academy, Preparing Youth for Permanent Family Connections: Preparing Everyone for Permanent Family Connections Curriculum (pdf)

California Permanency for Youth Project

Agency Self-Assessment Tool on Youth Permanency (word) - This tool is designed to assist an agency or state to reflect on youth permanency. We have designed the questions a) to help assess current work and b) to trigger thinking about people, organizations and methods that could be tapped to strengthen family permanency for youth in the future.

CPYP Permanency Scale (pdf)

Current Relationships/Past Connections of Affection (MS WORD) - tracking form developed by CPYP counties (word)

Declaration of Commitment to Permanent Lifelong Connections for Foster Youth (2006) (pdf)

Definition of Permanency (pdf)

Checklist to Assure a Connection Is Permanent (pdf)

Intake Form (word) - CPYP county data collection form

Progress Report (word) - CPYP county data collection form

Intensive Relative Search Contact Information (word) - tracking form developed by CPYP counties

Cheryl Jacobson, Emancipated Youth Connections Project Final Report/Toolkit (pdf)

Click Here for a list of free and fee-based Internet search engines and search tools

Mardith J. Louisell, Model Programs for Youth Permanency (2004) (pdf)

Mardith J. Louisell, Six Steps to Find a Family: A Practice Guide to Family Search and Engagement pdf (National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning at the Hunter College School of Social Work, 2007) (pdf)

Mardith J. Louisell, Recommendations for Effective Partnerships on Youth Permanency between Adoption and Foster Family Agencies and Child Welfare (2006) (pdf)

Mardith J. Louisell, Recommendations for Effective Partnerships on Youth Permanency between Group Homes and Child Welfare (2006) (pdf)

Mardith J. Louisell, Recommendations for Effective Partnerships on Youth Permanency between the Juvenile Courts and Child Welfare (2006) (pdf)

Reina Sanchez, Youth Perspectives on Permanency (2004) (pdf)

Youth Permanency Consult Sheet (word) - This tool is designed to be used as a framework for staffing or discussing cases on permanency. The tool assures that (1) information is shared in a concise way, (2) permanency is the focus of the discussion, (3) tentative permanency plans are set, and (4) specific next steps are set to forward the search for the youth's permanency.

Declaration of Intent to Maintain Contact (word) - This form was developed by Cheryl Jacobson as part of Project Uplift/Adolescent Connections funded by an Adoption Opportunity Grant received by Colorado. She attributes the successfulness of utilizing the form to two factors: (1) it is very clear to both the adolescent and the connection adult what the commitment will entail, i.e., frequency of contacts, etc.; and (2) from "change theory" it is known that if a person makes a formal written agreement then the desired behavior is much more likely to happen. You can see a completed sample here (pdf).


Casey Family Services

Casey Family Services Center for Effective Child Welfare Practice, A Call to Action: an Integrated Approach to Youth Permanence and Preparation for Adulthood (2005) (pdf)

Fact Sheet Two: Without Family Permanence, Young People Face Difficult Futures (2008) (pdf) National Convening on Youth Permanence (Replaces Fact Sheet Two: Why Family Permanency is Critical for Older Children and Youth in Foster Care)

Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago

Mark E. Courtney, Amy Dworsky, Sherri Terao, Noel Bost, Gretchen Ruth Cusick, Thomas Keller, Judy Havlicek, Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth (2005)

Family Builders by Adoption

Family Builders by Adoption is working on the Dumisha Project, a five-year federal research project. The agency is tracking demographic data on the youth, as well as service data. View a sample of their Dumisha Project database here.

Fresno County

Finding Permanency for Youth Resource Handbook (pdf)

Future Steps to Permanency (pdf)

Kern County

KeYPOINT Implementation Schedule (Gantt chart) (pdf)

Los Angeles County

County of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission 21st Annual Productivity and Quality Awards Program, DCFS Metro North Permanency Unit (pdf) - this report shows cost savings achieved by a youth permanency initiative in Los Angeles County.

Metro North Permanency Project Plan (May 2007) (pdf)

Orange County

Héctor R. Bird, Brief Impairment Scale (BIS) (word)

Race Matters Consortium http://www.rockvilleinstitute.org/RaceMatters.asp

Robert Hill, Disproportionality of Minorities in Child Welfare: Synthesis of Research Findings (2006) (pdf)

Sacramento County

Sacramento County Family Permanence for Youth Project Plan (February 2006) (pdf)

Sacramento County Project Plan for Year 2 (May 2007) (pdf)

San Luis Obispo County

California Permanency for Youth Project Plan (April 2007) (pdf)

Stanislaus County

Survey on Adolescent Permanency (word) - this instrument can be used as a pre- and post-permanency training tool

Connections database (access) - used for tracking connections information


California Permanency for Youth Project, Telling It Like It Is: Foster Youth and Their Struggle for Permanency, 2004. Order a copy

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, Finding Forever Families. Order a copy


Family Finding Sample Job Descriptions

-Family Finding Specialist
-Family Finding Coordinator (Deschutes Co., OR)
-Permanency Specialist (Kern Co., CA)
-CASA Family Finding Protocol MOU

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