CPYP Annual Conferences

2009 CPYP Annual Conference
February 26-27, 2009
Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Oakland, CA
Conference Schedule

The focus of the 2009 conference was how to leverage what we have already learned. Barry Chaffkin, CEO and co-founder of CT Wocat (Changing the World One Child at a Time), was the keynote speaker; his topic was "Moving Toward Legal Permanency for All Youth." Chaffkin also led an afternoon workshop. A second keynote session featured Pat Reynolds-Harris, founding director of CPYP, who gave an overview and history of permanency, and Jennifer Rodriguez, staff attorney at the Youth Law Center, who shared what permanency meant to her as a former foster youth. Other workshop sessions included Sibling Issues; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth; Grief and Loss; and Using GenoPro (genogram software). CPYP also organized a county roundtable discussion, in which representatives from CPYP counties gave brief (simultaneous) presentations on a topic their county has implemented well. After each presentation; attendees rotated to a different county table; they had the opportunity to hear four different presentations among eight offered.

Conference Presentations/Handouts
 Sibling Issues Workshop - Cindy Roe (pdf)
 Sibling Decision Making Matrix (pdf)
 Siblings in Adoption Book Order Form (pdf)
 Youth Leadership Advisory Team Position Paper: Siblings in Foster Care and Adoption (pdf)
 Achieving Permanency for LGBTQ Youth 2009 - Carolyn Reyes (powerpoint)
 Relevant LGBTQ Terms and Definitions (word)
 CPYP 2008 Evaluation Results/Project Status (powerpoint)
 Grief and Loss: 3-5-7 Implementation Workshop - CeCe Anthony & Angela Look (powerpoint)
 Genogram Guide: Helpful Hints to Using GenoPro (pdf)

Barry Chaffkin Materials
 Keys to Change (word)
 Key Components of Teamwork (word)
 Key Strategies for Permanence with Adolescents (word)
 CT WOCAT Information Sheet (word)
 CT WOCAT Training Topics (word)
 Permanence Can Mean Going Home (Spring 2006 Adoptalk article) (word)

County Roundtable Materials

 Fresno County: Steps in the Process
  Finding Permanency for Youth Resource Handbook (pdf)

 Humboldt County: Lessons Learned in Starting the HOPE Project
  Search Engine Training (word)
  Youth Permanence Consult Sheet (word)

 Kern County: Collaborations and Using Interns
  Monthly Items to Support a Youth (word)
  Questions for FFE for Youth (word)
  CPYP Fact Sheet (word)
  Permanency Team Worksheet (word)
  CPYP Search Sheet (word)

 Los Angeles County: Permanency Partners Program (P3)
  History of the Permanency Partners Program (word)

 San Luis Obispo County: Developing Permanency Teams for Each Youth
  Five Step Model (word)
  Team Meetings (word)

 San Luis Obispo County: Permanency Database - Outcomes and Data
  Permanency Child View (pdf) 
  Permanency Case Descriptors (pdf)
  Highest Level of Success / Connection Data (pdf)
  Permanency Child Information (pdf)

 County Resources

  Everyone Has Family . . . Our Kids Do Too! (pdf)

 San Luis Obispo
  Permanency: Making Connections for Youth (pdf)
  Desk Guide: Permanency Planning, Family Finding & Engagement (word)
  Permanency Family Finding and Engagement Referral Form (word)

  Keeping in Touch with a Youth in Foster Care (pdf)
  Confidentiality Agreement: Lifelong Connections Multi-Disciplinary Team (word)
  Lifelong Connections - Gathering the Team Meeting (word)
  Maternal/Paternal Family Trees (excel)
  Youth Connections (excel)



2008 CPYP Annual Conference
February 27-28, 2008
Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Oakland, CA
Conference Schedule

Like the 2005 Annual Conference, the 2008 Conference was designed as a kick-off for new counties/county regions joining the project: Los Angeles (Pomona Region), Los Angeles (Santa Clarita Region), Madera, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Solano. (Due to scheduling difficulties, the 2007 Annual Conference was delayed until early in 2008.) Pat O'Brien was the keynote speaker, and Kevin Campbell presented as well. CPYP also organized four panels of leaders from partnering counties to discuss and share lessons learned and strategies to promote youth permanency practice and policy development. Attending agencies shared a large number of permanency resources (see below). Those attending were a mix of those well seated in permanency work alongside those being introduced to this work.

Conference Presentations
 Introduction - Bob Friend (powerpoint)
 Data Collection for 2008 CPYP - Craig Evans (pdf)
 County Panels List of Presenters (word)
 Organizing Your Work - Jeff Griffin, Orange County (powerpoint)

Kevin Campbell Family Finding Resources
 Family Connectedness FAQ (word)
 Family Finding First Letter to Relative (word)
 Family Finding References (word)
 First Telephone Call Scripts to Relatives (word)
 Lighting the Fire of Urgency (pdf)
 Six Steps for Family Finding (word)
 Websites for Reference (word)

Agency Resources

 Assessment/Cost Savings
  Kern County KeYPOINT Projected Fiscal Savings (word)
  Kern County Survey on Adolescent Permanency (word)
  Los Angeles County Metro North Accomplishments and Lessons Learned (pdf)
  Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission 21st Annual Productivity and Quality Awards Program, DCFS Metro North Permanency Unit (pdf)

  Humboldt County Youth Permanence Consult Sheet (word)
  Kern County Family Information Fact Sheet (word)
  Kern County Referral Form (word)
  Kern County Contact Notes Worksheet (word)
  Sacramento Permanency Assessment Form (word)
  San Francisco Adoption SF Permanency Project Referral Form (word)
  Sonoma Lifelong Connections Referral Form (word)
  Sonoma Maternal/Paternal Family Trees (excel)
  Sonoma Youth Connections Form (excel)

 Project Planning/Development
  Kern County KeYPOINT Implementation Schedule (word)
  Kern County KeYPOINT Implementation Schedule (Gantt Chart) (pdf)
  Kern County KeYPOINT Staff Kick Off (word)
  Kern County KeYPOINT Task List (word)
  Kern County Letter to Community Partners (word)
  Sacramento County Ruby Slippers Project First Year Plan (pdf)
  Sacramento County Ruby Slippers Project Second Year Plan (pdf)
  Sacramento CPYP Task List and Progress (word)

 Permanency: General Information
  CA Dept. of Social Services Kaleidoscope Brochure (pdf)
  Contra Costa County Definition of Permanency (word)
  Fresno County Finding Permanency for Youth Resource Handbook (pdf)
  Kern County Success Stories (word)
  Sacramento County Guide To Permanency Options for Youth (pdf)
  Sacramento Youth Permanence Talking Points (word)

 Permanency Practice/Procedures
  Casey Family Programs Permanency Activities Grid (word)
  Kern County Journey to Permanency Steps List (word)
  Kern County Permanency Team Work Sheet (word)
  Orange County Permanency and Supervision (word)
  San Francisco AdoptionSF Adolescent Permanency Project Procedures (word)
  San Francisco Permanency Worker Case Checklist (word)



2006 Annual Conference
November 2-3, 2006
Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Oakland, CA
Conference Schedule

"The conference was perfect," "Very thorough and well worth attending", "You provided us with an abundance of thought provoking information; I think it should be a three day conference". These are just a few of the many positive comments made about the CPYP Annual Conference held on November 2-3, 2006, at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel in Oakland, CA. About 120 people attended, including staff from CPYP counties plus other invited partners. The conference theme was working with youth to assure permanency. One of the main speakers was Bob Lewis, a permanency consultant from Massachusetts. His mission is "to explore, develop and shape how we keep our promise of a permanent family for every child". One attendee indicated that he "planned to search out opportunities to train and inform on implementing permanency at every level in [his] county." The successfulness of the conference in meeting the needs of the fourteen counties in attendance can be attributed in part to the input provided by each county's representative to the planning committee, chaired by Cheryl Jacobson, CPYP consultant. Other sessions included Massachusetts Families for Kids Speak Out Team; Siblings Issues Workshop; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Youth Workshop; Support for Connections Workshop; Luncheon Panel on Engagement of Youth/Involving Youth; and Group Homes Workshop.

 Permanency for Every Youth - Bob Lewis (powerpoint)
 Siblings Issues Workshop - Wendy Piccus and Erric Garris (powerpoint)
 LGBTQ Youth Workshop - Carolyn Reyes (powerpoint)
 Support for Connections Workshop - Charles Chambers and Falope Fatunmise (powerpoint)
 Luncheon Panel: Engagement of Youth/Involving Youth - Jennifer Rodriguez and Berisha Black (powerpoint)
 Group Homes Workshop - Carroll Schroeder and Erik Sternad (powerpoint)



2005 CPYP Annual Conference
September 14-15, 2005
Waterfront Plaza Hotel, Oakland, CA
Conference Schedule

The first CPYP conference was a kick-off for the project's work with ten new counties: Contra Costa, Fresno, Humboldt, Kern, Los Angeles (Metro North Region), Orange, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, and Sonoma. There were attendees from the original four "pioneer counties" (Alameda, Monterey, San Mateo, and Stanislaus) as well. Pat O'Brien, executive director of You Gotta Believe!, and Kevin Campbell were the two keynote speakers, and also led workshops. In addition, the four pioneer counties gave presentations on their challenges and successes. A panel of youth together with their permanent connections shared their experiences. The CPYP evaluator, Craig Evans, gave the group an introduction to the evaluation process.

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